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What Marketing Online has to do with

The Waves Surfer and the Web Surfer ?


Just like many of you my friends, I am both on-waves and on-the-web surfer. And today I want to share this philosophy of mine, which you can easily understand in the following  story:


First. enjoy that video,  discover the most powerful wave of the planet : “Teahupoo” , above the shallowest spot it can be on a reaf, and listen to what says Laird Hamilton on min 4.20 powerful words by a powerful man. Empowering!





So , jaws down hey?


I’m not the kind of a “groupy fan. ” but I would ask an autograph to Laird Hamilton on his photo to frame it and put on my desk, because the vibes this guy sprays out are empowering to me. Want to know why? 


Continue reading.


May be you did not hear of Laird ever before today, if you are not a surfer or even simply not live in Hawaii nor in Tahiti – ok I know, I live there: I’m “lucky” but no I’m not lucky, I’m just living my dreams. but that is another question…..

and BTW I live in Hawaii as well, so please dont call it luck,  and think about how I can make it.    And believe me, being French , blond, and a woman are 3 major obstacles to succeed in an american- entrepreneurial- male world.


Anyway.  Teasing you boys,


Mqrketing like a surfer : no plan B

Laird Hamilton , surf mindset, surf spirit

Laird Hamilton is from Hawaii, 48 years old, a living legend in the world of Surf, he’s been riding the the most powerful waves that nature could produce, for 30 years ,


He is the one who surfed the biggest wave ever riden of all times. 

I want to be clear that Laird does not aim at being a champion nor impress an audience, and he refuses to participate into contests.

His practice of surfing at this level is a philosophy, its a spiritual sport for him,  he does this with respect, enthusiasm,  and in a crazy intense way!





See this picture of him :




isn’t it exceptional that a pic taken from that far speaks more about a person than a closed one? 

marketing online and surfer mindset



3 things to know before you read the short story of Laird interview below:  3 things that happen when you stroll with a board on 20 to 35 feet waves (monsters, water-walls) 


1- You feel like transported by the energy , empowered by the creation of the world energy


2- You only need a tiny “faux-pas” to get under the power on tons of water that brakes your bones in thousands of pieces.


3- When you fall, its like you jump from a several stories building and you “land” in a washing machine that can keep you underwater for long  long seconds and even mins… if you get to come up to the surface before the next wave swipes you again…


Here we go to the point, in the interview of Laird recently , a journalist asks him if he practices apneas regularly in order to train his body to not breath for long times, in case it happens that he’s broken down by a wave if he falls…..


This question make sense, when we assume that this kind of training can save your life in such circumstances…  an guess what Laird says…

” it does exist a mindset school that says we should not train for what we don’t want to see happening”.


I am at once amazed and very buyest of this philosophy that Laird Hamilton exhibits here , arent’ you?


Remember the video, watch it again listen to his words again at the end,  we could think he should be more cautious, more “prepared” to this eventuality , and in fact after 30 years , well he’s strong enough to resist to big storms….


Actually, the question is , when you have a goal what ever it is, ride a giant wave or build a big business,  isn’t it wiser to  measure the danger and to prepare for the worst in case….have a plan B, if that does not work…???

I say, and I agree with Laird Hamilton : NO plan B. because you know that plan B is a failure of your plan A, its a failure.

I learn from persons like him, and from surfing too, and on the waves of life, that

being cautious can be the most dangerous attitude, instead of being brave.


We tend to think that we love life and we want to preserve it, yes…. when in fact, as you prepare a plan B , you prepare yourself to use the plan B.  And in doing so, you plan to fail on plan A right?



When you see your plan B as the security, this is in fact the side of you that is doubting of your success which is pushing you to create it.


The biggest power is not in the waves, as big as they can be, but the biggest power is indeed in the determination that we have within to go and ride them or to fall from them.



  And if its dangerous to go ahead and run without a plan B, it is even more dangerous to NEED a plan B.


That mindset like ” I do it but I’m not sure, so we’ll see…” is NOT empowering at all. Not powerful at all.



So what if you align with determination in the direction of your goal. and like Laird you burn the bridges behind you to any other possibility?


This doesnot mean that you must not prepare for what can happen, yes, I bet Laird would himself work out to be strong to make it….



The question here is not really what we do or not do, it is actually what IS within us,

the question is to strongly believe in what we want, to stop thinking that we can fall,  stop to align with what we dont want!


Its easier than we think and it gives results fast. Life is way more powerful than we can imagine, we are so much more powerful than we think.



As soon as you start to unify with the destination that you want to reach, you’ll be amazed by your results and the speed of what happens.

Your  Happy lesson  today :


If you want to get the “virus of  the surfer’s philosophy” and implement it in your business, and live your dreams faster than you can imagine, here are several things you can do:

1- visit my blog and start to imprint your mind with its energy, it’s a fun and powerful blog to surf on my friend, I promise. 


2- Get your Free e-book, that tells you ALL MY BEST strategies that I took from surfing experience to turn them into implementations to the business world. 


3- If you are ready and aligned already, join our team here. 

PS: there is a lil’ questionnaire before we allow you to join, that will tell if you are ready and aligned or not. If you are not, it wont be a good thing for you neither for us that you join.



See you on that wave my friend!!


find your why to fly






What is you WHY? do you know that people “buy” and buy because of what you believe, not what you sell.


Find Your Why and Fly

This is what will make you succeed: your WHY.  the reason that you do what you do everyday.  From the moment you wake up , your system of “personal guidance” which embodies your why takes over and you fly.


Your why is creating your attitude for the day, that allows you to face challenges and overcome obstacles and successfully complete all the tasks and goals which you set for that day .


I do have a BIG WHY, that drives my actions daily and which I keep in mind when I put action on my plans for the year, the month, the week , the day…..  Keep the end in mind for each action you do.


MyBIG WHY is my goal to help my dear lovely husband Bruno to retire and come with me as often as he wants to Hawaii. AND my dear lovely Mum Renee to be with us as often and as long as we like,

this is my big why, being able to afford being happy with my family . That entails quite many things, so this is a big BIG WHY!


What is your big why?

tell me here,   leave a comment.


Guess what was the why of this young lady for doing that fly which she was soooo scared to do at first……

Watch what you get when you dare!






Did you ever feel like Shannon in this plane? 

When was it? 


Can you feel that again, just remembering and feeling it?

 That’s a WOW moment like this one that you need to associate to your power,  to go and fly. thats the feeling that empowers you and gives you the wings to carry you higher.


get this feeling,  embody it in a “BAM” scream and a motion of your body or your hand or your arm whatever… and when you start an action towards a goal,  repeat  this BAM ! and fly to the success for this action. 


Find your why. feel it. embody it and FLY.


find your why to fly




PS You might want to test this feeling, to find your why. let me help you to do so . and go fly with me , and meet you on the beaches in the islands.  Visit this page first  click on the banner:


find your why to fly





Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive


This is the title e of the book that you see in the image below, the author is Harvey Mackay*. Simply this title inspired me to give you the advice today and make this nice little video for you.


I found this book 15 years ago in a Borders store, when I was starting my business of wholesale Tahitian Pearls and Jewelry, I created for that the ” Brigitte Tahitian Pearl Export”  and was accredited by the French Polynesian government as a Pearl Expert, that was mandatory for exporting those very particular goods.


At the time , as  woman travelling alone to USA with thousands of dollars in value in my hand bag, I received a lot of warnings… and the first swim I took was at L.AX airport where the brookers employees tried to “loose” my goods in their storage place…..mmmm.


Guess what?


I had to call a lawyer, have him talk on the phone to the manager, and all of a sudden my bag landed on his desk in front of me.  I could hear “my” lawyer speaking more that loud to the guy…..


So we could finalize the forms and papers, I made the check for the custom taxes, and right after that driving south . my first stop was in a Borders book store : the place where I used to go to “pet myself” when I’m happy about my success.


And THIS was quite one!  I met the first shark in the pool, and I got the right idea to deal with him… well lets put it so.. deal with him.. calling a lawyer… pffff



swim with the sharks

I just saved my business that day, $ 20K in values in this bag.

And even more alue in my brain: intuition that told me to call a lawyer …  and of course always travel with a cell-phone .


SO. How great is the law of attraction ! Not one minute passed when I entered this bookstore and I got put in front of this book ” Swim with the sharks…”


what a great day!  I had this book in my pocket for the all week, and read it every night at the hotel,

and how funny I found opportunities to implement at least one of the 69 lessons and 19″quickies” of it.


* Harvey Mackay is the chairman and CEO of Mackay Envelope Corporation and has been elected to the Minnesota Business Hall of Fame.  hes an internationally renowned public speaker, an avid runner and marathoner and a number-one-ranked tennis player in Minnesota.



And thanks to you, my today readers, for making me thinking of taking this book off from my shelves and show it to you, I needed to read it again and remind me some rules! Ha!


Another rule today that I wanted to illustrate in my video. Watch the video first.

Then take your assignments for today:





You know what?


To me its less dangerous to learn how to swim for real in the lagoon with those sharks than to swim with the sharks in business!

why? Mainly because you know what to expect with the animals.


YOUR ASSIGNMENTS TODAY,  to swim with the sharks!

1- take you planner, or get one today if you haven’t one yet.

I opted for a paper planner, after I functionned a few years with my laptop planner only, now I use use both i-cal and my paper planner .


BECAUSE i-cal is my guide line ,   (that is for PC-ers the equivalent of Outlook calendar)


my paper planner is my MOTIVATOR and ACTION- BUTTON , see how : frist your planner has to be a weekly planner, with spaces for the 7 days on one page and for notes on the other page


2-  everyday, I write my tasks . respectively in front os the time due ,

and to each task is assigned a PURPOSE.


example: Task: make a video about the business tip of the day,

Purpose: get 10 leads opt-in in on my blog from that post . and 1 person joining my main opp within the next 3 days.


you see the idea.


You want more ideas? CALL me or PM me on my skype or Facebook .

swim with the sharks




PS :  You want to swim with the sharks and not being eaten alive? Join me and our teams here:  


swim with      Click


      The Shark 





And I love cats, , so this video couldn’t be better to tell you my way:




15 Ideas On How To Say Happy Valentine today and All Year Long:


1 – Get a new dress to wear tonight just FOR HIM.


2- Pin a tag like the ones we get at events on your shirt and write: :Hello, my name is Yourname) and I am Your Valentine


3- Re-Create your first date together: if you can wear the same things go to the same place, and laugh at how nervous you were!


4- Puzzle: write a love message on a card or paper , cut it in 4 to 6 pieces, and hide the pieces on his/her way to the bedroom, or diner table….


5- Gather on a CD or a USB key all your favorite songs that you used to meet on together…


6- Write a love song, even if you can’t sing. Actually write one ESPECIALLY that you cannot sing. Making a fool of yourself and in privacy at home is quite endearing.


7- Create a Love Mail boxe where notes , gifts, and thoughts can be left for each other, put a red flag or some other way of signaling there is something in it to be picked up




happy Valentine

8- Impromptu anniversary: create one celebrating something about your relationship or your sweetie. Make diner or go out to celebrate and acknowledge this spontaneous but sincere event.

9- Purge Surge: if there is something your sweetheart has been wanting you to get rid of for the longest time, wrap it up as a gift to him/her and give it up , Its more important to show that you will to make compromises than to hold on old things.


10- Newspaper Ad : find out the section of your newspaper prints personal messages and then write a love message to your sweetheart, when it appears,  happen to read the newspaper together. Circle it or give clues that there’s something special to look for.


11- An engraved token: have something common but symbolically significant engraved with a date or a message,
Like a fork engraved with the date of your first dinner together, or your house key with “my heart” on it,  a personal object ….


12- Fix it: if your honey is like most people, there are numbers of lil’ life details that he/she never gets around to do, like changing the fridge bulb, getting the jacket dry-cleaned, moving the big dead plant to the dump, find a couple of things and get them done.


13- Gifts tickets: get tickets to an event that your honey has mentionned in passing or has pining away for. Hide them under his/her pillow or next to the morning cup of coffee as a casual, understated surprise.


14- Graffiti:  Creep out early one morning and graffiti a love message draw a heart and arrow, in chalk where he can see it.


15-Chore-no-more: if your honey has been especially busy and is in a desperate need of a Saturday morning off, do the Saturday morning chores. Whether its washing the car, make a grocery run, clean the tub, do a laundry, sometimes it means more to take care of mundane tasks than go to a  fancy restaurant.



happy Birthday





PS : Simply say your valentine that she is or he is Beautiful. That’s huge.


Network Marketers: just know you can overcome this: the major reason why you fail might be LACK of FOCUS

And what causes lack of focus is a set of reasons:


no motivation, no goals clearly set, no game plan, no determination, and most of the time DISTRACTIONS!



I know that so well.


Many of us in the profession are ADHDs, and thats soooo easy to dive into this world of distractions all over…



BE your own Boss, DO your own schedule, HAVE your own office

BE your own Boss, DO your own schedule, HAVE your own office



Yes, that is one big pitfall of working your business from home:


the most numerous opportunities here are DISTRACTIONS!


Watch this short video and learn how to overcome them:





You want a plan to implement what I just told you?


Just do your Assignments today:


1- Set for the best, and dress for success:
As you work online, you need a small enough space to be operational and efficient,


make it ideal: a desk or a table, that welcomes your computer, your notepad and journal or planner, your book of the day /of the week. a nice photo of your loved one(s) , dverything nice that makes you smile,
your vision board in fron of you , or next to you, a vase with flowers , and a timer .
Nothing that clutters it, or make it awful…


and same for yourself: get ready to welcome anyone as if you are at the office- because you are at the office! – and ban pyjamas and table-corners in a bedroom, you at not getting ready to sleep!



2- Make a quick list of all the distractions an eventual interruptions



that could occur in the day while you are BUSY and FOCUSED. And right away with that list in hand, ELIMINATE any potential cause to those distractions.


3- get a timer


and use it to empty your mind from “remember to look at the clock”


4- Make a plan ,


if you haven’t that yet, to get your “private office space” either at home, in a separate room from all others living spaces, especially away from the bedroom and the Kitcheen, and dont even think of the garage. no blind room!
If possible, arrange a room that will have a one an only function to be your office.
My plan is to have this space separated from the house, in the garden, or in the neighborhood, close to the house.


So every day , my mind auttomatically is set for “going to work, to my office, in my ideal environment. And I’m dressed and set for success.



PS If you like this post and assignments today, tell me by liking this post , and LEAVE ME YOUR COMMENT HERE .Thank you!


P.P.S If you want to make money fast in network marketing and STOP struggling,

join me and our team HERE.